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Did you know that creativity takes great courage? Podcasting takes creativity & courage. Mastering the Podcaster Mindset will give you the tools you need to maximize your creativity and breakthrough mindset barriers. You will get tips and insider secrets we have learned to raise the power of your content and the quality of your sound. We believe your voice is powerful, your story needs to be told, and there is someone out there who will be inspired because you had the courage to share your story through your podcast. Hosts Tiphany Kane & David Sais share this podcasting mindset insight with fun banter and energy. Tiphany Kane is a podcast coach, host of Radical Audacity podcast, and is a professional development expert. David Sais has over 2 decades of professional dialogue editing and sound engineer experience. He is also a lover of all things microphones. In this podcast you will get to hear our coaching calls with podcasting clients, interviews with expert podcasters, actionable tips, and strategies that you can use to make your podcast great. Through this podcast, you will grow your skills as a storyteller, editor, content creator, interviewer, producer, and podcast business person.

Meet the Hosts

Tiphany Kane

She is a podcast host, podcast coach, podcast producer, public speaker, writer, and entrepreneur who brings her passion for the art of the spoken word to people and businesses that need experience and guidance to produce an exceptional podcast.

David Sais

An audio engineer with more than 20 years of experience in dialogue editing in the AAA gaming and entertainment industry. He is also an entrepreneur, podcast host, and podcast producer with a meticulous passion for high-quality sound and content. He also makes a mean meatball.

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