#1 Way to Monetize Your Podcast & Our Favorite Monetization Method (Part 1)

Many “experts” will tell you that you need thousands of downloads before you can even think of monetizing your podcast. We respectfully disagree. Giant download numbers were never anything we found we needed to have our podcast start making us money. New podcasters and podcasters with smaller shows just need to be creative. We like […]

How Has Podcasting Impacted Your Life?

Happy International Podcasting Day! Today Tiphany & David reflect on how podcasting has dramatically changed their lives in this past year! From learning new things about each other, quitting the day job, starting a media production company, speaking on the Keynote stage at Podfest expo, and landing a TED Talk…everything has changed for us! How […]

The Power of Curiosity & a Small Niche with Capsho’s Deirdre Tshien

Deidre Tshien is a successful entrepreneur who has started several businesses, including a dessert bar, a burger restaurant, and a coaching business. She is also the founder of Capsho, a program that generates AI-generated show notes. Tshien’s businesses have been successful, but she has also faced challenges, including an employee stealing from her. Despite these […]

Monetizing Your Podcast: What Money Mindset Do You Have?

What is your money mindset when it comes to monetizing your podcast? Do you have a survival mindset: “I need to make enough to cover the basic production expenses?” “What can I cut back on?” “I can’t afford to have anyone help me edit my podcast.” Or do you have a thriving mindset: “I am […]

6 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast When You Have a Small Audience

We love the topic of monetizing a small podcast! This episode will cover 6 ways to monetize a small podcast and kicks of our monetization series. Each week for the next month, we will be dropping episodes that give you great information on how to monetize a small podcast in creative ways. Here are the […]

What If There Are Already Too Many Podcasts About My Topic?

What if there are already too many podcasts about my topic? This question was asked in our Mastering the Art of Podcasting Membership group by a new podcaster that was worried about the podcast market being saturated. This conversation prompted an experiment. What if we gave everyone the same topic and asked you to record […]