Mastering the Podcaster Mindset
Mastering the Podcaster Mindset
How Legal (or Illegal) is Your Podcast? with Guest Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part interview. Continuing our conversation with Gordon Firemark. Entertainment lawyer, Podcast law expert, and one of the best voices in the industry. Gordon has been a podcaster for more than a decade and is known as The Podcast Lawyer.

We ask him 3 big podcast legal questions:

And Gordon gives us his most important bits of legal advice:

1) set it up like a biz…agreements, LLC

2) have agreements/contracts with whoever you are working with or laws will assume you are joint owners

3) Trademark your title- be distinctive in your title, descriptiveness in title won’t allow for trademark

4) Monetizing- clearly document relationships with customers and partners. Vague & ambiguous leads to disagreements/lawsuits- always use precise & clear language

Check out Gordon’s Links: (free podcast guest release form) (my ebook) (legal templates for podcasters) (how and why to course on  getting legal structures in place for maximum success)

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