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Imagine the fervent buildup, weeks of painstaking preparation, a substantial investment in plane tickets and accommodations—all culminating in a thrilling 30-minute stage presentation fueled by your deepest passion. The room buzzes with electrifying energy, propelling your talk to greatness, only to see it vanish, remembered solely by a handful of fortunate attendees.

But why let that moment fade away? Extend its reach to your network that couldn’t be there. Use it to craft engaging content for your favorite social media platforms or fuel your sizzle reels. Secure a professionally recorded and expertly edited video of your talk at the 10th Anniversary of Podfest Expo. The decision is crystal clear: you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to amplify your impact and preserve your brilliance for all to witness. Your voice, your passion, and your brilliance deserve to shine.

*For talks with one or two people on stage.

StagePro One • Two


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